Catching up on the Sew Down

What have I been up to all summer?  That’s the thought I have been having all morning as I realize summer is almost over.  I had such high ambitions to get through my stash this summer and while I made progress there is still quite a bit of fabric in there.

As I need to clear my shelves to welcome in my own designs – I’m thinking of looking at what I have and make things that I can sell in an etsy store instead of things for us and family members.  That way – I get a little start up money for my own fabrics AND clear out my stash in probably a more efficient way.

While I’m strategizing about that option – let me share some of the great things I’ve made this summer. Continue reading


Little Cubbie boxes

I bought this great vintage looking key/letter wall storage at Hobby Lobby early into my sewing room makeover thinking it would be perfect for Sewing Machine Parts/Notions etc.  I was using it as is for awhile but didn’t like how it looked and thought it could use a little labeling.  Thinking I need to start using some of my fabric I decided to wing it and make some fabric boxes to go in each square. Continue reading

Stairs for Maggie’s new window seat

Chiweenies are not big dogs and its not always safe for them to jump up and down of high positions.  However, being that they are a small dog, they like to be up high so they are on a more even level with others.  I noticed that my dog Maggie was always trying to get up on things and I didn’t want her to hurt herself so I needed to come up with a way for her to safely climb up onto couches, and her new window seat that I was making her.

Stairs that I found at Petco, Petsmart etc just weren’t my style so I knew I needed to make something special for her. Continue reading