My Bullet Journal

Ok you all may remember I got all jazzed about creating my own planner.  I loved the process, the quotes, the layouts. Fast forward 6 months and I’m barely using it.  Was it imperfect in its layouts? No not really – it had everything in it but it was the process of creating it that made it so exciting for me.  I was looking on instagram the other day and saw a fellow costumer start what was called a bullet journal – or bujo for those in the community.  I was intrigued.  It was dynamic, it incorporated creativity and was adaptable as you went.  Add new markers, good paper and all the other creative examples i’ve seen and I was hooked.  If you have never heard of a bullet journal – here is a link to the site of the creator of the method, Ryder, that explains it in a quick video. Continue reading


An experiment in Fabric and Color

Well you all know I loved loved loved the master class at Spoonflower that I posted about here.  After the class many of us stayed in touch on Facebook and were talking about printing a single design on all the different types of fabric so we could see how the color’s differed, have a bigger version to feel the fabric and understand the stretch.  Becka Rahn our teacher helped us coordinate and we all submitted our swatches to her so she could optimize the cost for us by printing out a sampler.  Spoonflower is great in that you can print off a sampler to get swatches of many different fabrics in your collection.  She created a collection with all of our pics and then created a sampler for each of us. Continue reading

Organizing your Pattern Stash

$1.00 – $3.99 pattern sales are very eye catching when walking through the fabric store.  I myself love patterns.  I’ve kind of collected them over the years but at one time I found I was starting to buy patterns I already had.  This meant another trip back to the fabric store to return my repeat pattern and I don’t know about you – I don’t have the time to do that every time.  Continue reading