New Year New Bullet Journal

Being a new bullet journaler in 2016 I did a lot of experimenting.  I loved playing with the layouts, the markers, the trackers and the drawing.  I am definitely hooked.  This year I’ve decided to have two daily bullet journals.  One for all my artistic, creative and day to day life and one for my fitness tracker.  I have some big goals in both spaces this year and really wanted to focus in those spaces.  I also spent a good deal of time on my initial setup.  I decided that I needed a good solid key that works for me – I tried multiple versions last year.  I started my planner with this so its easy to remind myself what I had decided.

I revisited my pages from last year picking out things that worked well and realizing that while I very much enjoyed the freedom and flexibility of making each page unique there were some things that worked better than others.  I also decided that I consistently make mistakes when writing out calendars.  I tend to transpose numbers and often will even draft a calendar in pencil before inking it in and still make a mistake.  Therefore in 2017 I will take that off the manual drawing list and create stickers to help me out.

I created these yearly views by playing with my watercolors, digitizing my paintings and then creating monthly squares for 2017 and 2018.  I then proceeded to create sheets repeating the 2017 spread so I could use them in my weekly’s.  My journal was very black and white last year.  I love micron pens and am really starting to embrace fountain pens – however, I LOVE color.  I need color in my life and therefore – here is a spash of beautiful color – every week – in my journals.  Because I love it so much I decided to make it a free download January Freebie(part of a new monthly series) for you all if you like it.  All I ask – is that you take a min to follow my Facebook, Instagram or blog and if someone likes it point them to one of my social media accounts. I printed them on matte sticker paper and used my scan and cut to cut them out.  You however, could just cut on the outline squares provided with regular scissors if you do not have a die cutter.


For my goals I decided to brainstorm and mind map then write out my final goals and use a quarterly view.  I will be placing each goal into actionable milestones into each quarter.  I did great last year tracking my books and it actually encouraged me to read more so I kept a bookshelf and added a movie page.

I have a feeling I’ll fill that page first as we do love to go to the movies but I’d like to track them this year.

On pages 8 and 9 I have added a calendexcalendex.  I have read how everyone else was using it but I decided I wanted to see my primary activities over a whole year.  I assigned a color for each of the main items in my monthly tracker and decided to put the colored dot on days when I was able to paint, design, or sew etc.  This will help me know when I’m not focusing.  Also, I decided that when I finish a project I’ll write in the page number in that color and print a small picture of the completed work on that page.  Making it easy to see my progress up to that point and the final product.  Obviously I also typically post these items on my instagram / facebook pages but I like the idea of carrying it with me – referencing any notes etc.


While I was getting so creative last year I realized that my house cleaning definitely suffered.  If I’m not cleaning – typically no one is.

So I decided to take my main items that I used to track as part of my notecards from the book “Sidetracked home executive” and turn them into weekly, monthly and seasonal trackers.  The daily stuff I’ll have as a reminder sheet on the refridgerator so hopefully things are done more regularly.  So far I like it – I don’t always get to everything but when I miss something I know I need to really focus on that item next week.

From there on I start my Monthly spread for January which looks a lot like Decembers.  I really love the calendar in the very traditional bullet journal way and then a master to do list and tracker section all in one spread.  I don’t use weekly trackers because I really like to view the whole month and then I only also update in one place monthly and then migrate the relevent items to the yearly calendex.  weekly-scroll-bannersI could easily just do it in the calendex alone but I like the focus of one month and my to do list right by eachother.  My dailies and weekly spread are mashed together.  I don’t have a lot of appointments right now so this spread works for me.  I’ve also been using stickers for my banners and have like how clean it looks.  I’ll be doing a post on banners very soon as I start my etsy store with handmade items, special bags for artists and journalers and many other special items showcasing some of my fabric designs.

I’ll be doing a separate post on my fitness bullet journal over on my blog if you want to check that out.  Lord help me but I decided to commit to run the Dopey Challenge January 2018 which should take the entire year to prepare for.  For those of you that don’t know Disney has a series of races under Run Disney.  The Dopey is a 5k Thursday, 10k Friday, Half Marathon Saturday and Full Marathon Sunday.  Many people walk the first three saving their legs for the last race.  I’m so excited to do it with all of the other Disney fanatics that come out for it.  I am already thinking about costumes!

Anyway – I’d love to hear what you think about my new set up and spreads.  If you use my calendars feel free to tag me!

Happy planning!




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