Catching up on the Sew Down

What have I been up to all summer?  That’s the thought I have been having all morning as I realize summer is almost over.  I had such high ambitions to get through my stash this summer and while I made progress there is still quite a bit of fabric in there.

As I need to clear my shelves to welcome in my own designs – I’m thinking of looking at what I have and make things that I can sell in an etsy store instead of things for us and family members.  That way – I get a little start up money for my own fabrics AND clear out my stash in probably a more efficient way.

While I’m strategizing about that option – let me share some of the great things I’ve made this summer.

First up and maybe the item I’m most proud of is a little bag that I made for my grandma.  The bag is a small lined make up bag that I embroidered her initial on.  What makes this special is that its from my own fabric.  I designed it and its available online through Spoonflower.  My first published collection of sea life themed fabrics were a joy to make and I created each one with different techniques as I’m still learning and trying things to develop and perfect my methods.  I love fresh beachy themes and this collection reflects those soft colors, calm feeling and beauty seen in shells and sea life.  My grandma, who is my regular go to collaborator for all things sewing, needed to get my first item made as she has been such an encouragement.



I wanted to make something new to wear this summer.  I had some linen in the stash which I thought would make a great flowy tunic and cropped wide bottom pants.  This summer outfit turned out great.  I love the colors and the added embroidery (which to be honest was an after thought but a good one).

I used Simplicity 3799 for the top view B and McCalls 7328 B shortened to A length.

I really wanted to make the C pants but I hadn’t purchased enough of the fabric I was using (who knows what the plan was when I purchased it).  Both of the fabrics I used were light linen and were suitable for the patterns so I didn’t have to adjust anything to make the garment.  I made a test top out of muslin to see if I needed to adjust the slope but thankfully – it was a good fit out of the wrapper.

Next up is a great tunic for myself and my wee Maggie.  As I’m trying to limit my scrap fabric out of each project I saw an opportunity to create a little matching top for her.  I had purchased these leggings from Lularoe and couldn’t find a top that covered my booty and matched the leggings so I made two.

This one is a waffle knit fabric, very comfortable, that I used to makebutterick 6058 this cowl neck tunic using Butterick 6058 view D.  This neckline tends to stretch a little or was a little wide for me.  Next time I make it I will adjust the pattern a little – but overall I’m pleased with it.  The fabric has good stretch but as its so light – it doesn’t bounce back as good as other knits that may have a little more spandex.  The recommended fabric was jersey but I think you could get away with a lot of different types of knits as the amount of stretch required for this pattern is minimal.  The embroidery I added at the last minute.  It was a pattern that came with my machine and matched the leggings perfectly after I adjusted the colors.

Next up is a ottoman /Pouf by Amy Butler.  I actually got this pattern from a class on Creativebug.  It was much easier to put together than I had anticipated and took a lot of stuffing!  I added the smaller pillows without a pattern to use what fabric scraps I had left over.  I didn’t care to align the fabric perfectly but you definitely could if you wanted it to look seamless.  My puppies actually have sat on it which I totally didn’t expect as its very ball like – but it works great in my office.


The fabric I used for this was a home decorating fabric.  I love sewing with this type of fabric.  It’s very easy to use and always comes out beautifully.  I use it for bags, hats, home accessories, I think even a jacket once. ❤

On another note – I got crafty and tried to duplicate my friend Jennifer great wreath talent! She is a master wreath maker and has offered me and my neighbors a class to show us how she makes hers.  I figured eh – how hard can it be?  5 tries later and here you go.


While I’m very happy with the way my wreath turned out, I will be taking her class before making my Fall Aggie Football wreath I have planned.

Finally – my pup Johnny’s collar was looking mighty shabby.  It’s a martingale collar which isn’t the easiest to make – I always have to look at the last one to see how to put it back together.  I sketch out a diagram and get to work.  I use a firm craft interfacing – but I’m thinking for the next one I may use something a little softer.  It works and doesn’t bother him because he has such a long neck but I think it may be a little more comfortable.

As Kam my husband and Son Taylor are both A&M graduates – Johnny always gets an Aggie collar.

Johnny's A&M Collar

So that is it as far as completed projects.  I have a few new things I’ve been working on – that I’m very excited to share – hopefully very very soon.

What have you been working on this summer?



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