My Bullet Journal

Ok you all may remember I got all jazzed about creating my own planner.  I loved the process, the quotes, the layouts. Fast forward 6 months and I’m barely using it.  Was it imperfect in its layouts? No not really – it had everything in it but it was the process of creating it that made it so exciting for me.  I was looking on instagram the other day and saw a fellow costumer start what was called a bullet journal – or bujo for those in the community.  I was intrigued.  It was dynamic, it incorporated creativity and was adaptable as you went.  Add new markers, good paper and all the other creative examples i’ve seen and I was hooked.  If you have never heard of a bullet journal – here is a link to the site of the creator of the method, Ryder, that explains it in a quick video.


Finding a leuchtturm 1917 journal was a journey unto itself.  The official bullet journals were sold out but everyone was saying how great the Leuchtturms were and they had the same set up.  Amazon had them at varying prices (likely due to demand) but I found a great little journal store online that seemed to keep a good amount in stock.  Jenni Bick had a great assortment of the Leuchtturms and many other types including embossed, custom journals.  I’m really impressed by their selection and had a great ordering experience with them.

I also ordered some staedtler triplus fineliners Triplus Fineliner “26-Piece Bonus Pack” Pens by Staedtler, 0.3mm, Metal Clad Tip, 26/PK (20 + 6 Neon Colors), Assorted
Which I totally love, I already had a good amount of micron pens and a fountain pen I use for watercolors. I also had some prismacolor markers in my collection but much to my dismay – they do bleed through a little on to the next page. Thanks to another blogger I also discovered the Pilot Highlighter Frixion Light Pilot Frixion Light Fluorescent Ink Erasable Highlighter Pen (Pink / Orange / Yellow / Green / Blue / Violet) (Japan Import) which does not bleed through pages and offers a really nice soft highlight or marker.  I highly recommend both of these products and these links are affiliate links so any purchase made does help fund my site. (thanks!)

Now – getting to my pages – First off I ordered the Purple Journal – I love purple – its also the color for Lupus awareness which I do alot of work with and it was an exciting shade so I went with it.  There are a lot of colors offered in the Leuchtturms.  I chose the dot style – so I could leverage the points when drawing or writing but it didn’t overwhelm me like the squares.  My goals with the bullet journal are to – encourage creativity – draw – draw – draw, get stuff done – and stay focused, and also practice my hand lettering.  I want to start incorporating lettering into my fabric designs but my normal handwriting leaves something to be desired.  First up – My index and Future Log.

I have a Pinterest board with some great ideas I’ve seen from other bujo people that have definitely inspired me and helped me get going.   I love the index so I can find things quickly.  I thought about using the monthly page like Ryder (the original bujo guru) suggests but decided on a more traditional monthly view where I could see visually the weeks.  After using it this month I already have found that I want to change up a few things to work better for me.  From watching videos online this is pretty standard.  Things evolve – you evolve – its a process and I’m enjoying the ride.

I started with a monthly and daily spread to get started.  Many bullet journal folks trMagical Day.jpgack varying things every day and signify it by a letter. (see ohayobento or bohoberry) I thought this was a great way for me to track my health, stress etc. but I felt that I needed something I could remember.  So I made an acronym I could remember – Magical Day.  At first it was great – but I realized – there are a lot of A’s in Magical Day – and I was
consistently looking at my reference page to try and figure out what order I had put things in.  I still like the idea of it – Just need to simplify.

I was very unhappy at the amount of smudging on my monthly calendar.  I decided to doodle where I saw smudges but that didn’t really help things.  I found as the month has gone on also – that Im really not using this page much.  Rethinking Monthly for next month for sure.  My dailies are a bunch of experiments at this point.  I’m figuring out what I like and boldly (with a lot of color) trying lots of things.

This week I gave a weekly a shot (inspired by alexandra_plans) and so far I like it.  I also really loved Ohayobento’s future log which for me – could double for a monthly log.  Here is how it turned out.  I’m going to play with it and get it to look like I would want but so far I like how the dates are there.  Usually if I am trying to put something ahead on my calendar – there is a date.  I’ve also really simplified my dailies right now to just be a task list – so I keep getting things done.  I’ve realized I continuously put too much in one day (doesn’t everyone) so I’m thinking of adding time blocking to my dailies to help me be more realistic on my tasks and time box my activities more.

Lots of experimenting – but its fun – I’ve added a couple fun pages – a zentangle sheet and a reading tracker and plan to do a handwriting challenge in August as well. I find that I’m still carrying around a sketch book also – I’m starting to think – I need to design a well thought out purse that will hold markers, bullet journal, sketch books and my ipad pro so I can easily take it all with me when I move about.  That should be a fun project!

I’d love to hear from others that are using this system – clearly still figuring it out over here.

Have a great day!




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