Little Cubbie boxes

I bought this great vintage looking key/letter wall storage at Hobby Lobby early into my sewing room makeover thinking it would be perfect for Sewing Machine Parts/Notions etc.  I was using it as is for awhile but didn’t like how it looked and thought it could use a little labeling.  Thinking I need to start using some of my fabric I decided to wing it and make some fabric boxes to go in each square.

IMG_3457After measuring out my spaces I cut out pieces for front and back, sides and bottom for the inside and outside of the boxes.  I decided to create a square shape instead of other tutorials that I had seen using two pieces.  I created one test box before doing all of them.  Once I decided on my sizing I thought embroidering the boxes on the uncut fabric would save me some time.  After laying out different contents I started to see opportunities to combine items and added to each box the new labels.


Of course there were a couple that I figured out later that I just embroidered floating in the hoop.

I tried a couple different craft stabilizers for this project to see which I liked better.  The one that I ended up preferring was a fusible 2 sided firm craft interfacing.  I ended up using the craft interfacing to the edges and sewing them together through the interfacing but I realize now It would have been a crisper edge if I had allowed for the seam.  However, as my boxes were going into squares – I still thought they’d be ok.

After fusing the craft interfacing to each – I got to sewing.  I found sewing the sides together first into a strip then attaching the bottom worked best for me.

Once I had a fully formed box I made the inside liner.  I pressed the upper edge of each for the fold over first to make things easier for me down the road and then in the same way made the inner lining.

After that it was easy – slip the inner lining inside the box and fold over the edge and sew!

I was really happy with how they came out.  They all fit nice and snugly in my cabinet and are easy to pull out or even pull open a bit to grab something out.



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