Sew Down – Will you join me?

I’ve started designing my own fabric and would like to sew more with my own designs than others to show how they can work on garments, accessories and home items.  However, over the last couple of years I’ve been really excited about making new things and have bought a lot of fabric.  A lot of fabric!  As I recently lost my day job – i’m taking advantage of this short break to sew down my stash – maybe make a few saleable items along the way and perfect some of my own patterns.  I have a big job ahead of me and I was thinking it would be fun  and motivating to see others join in and post their creations.  Therefore I’m inviting anyone who has a fabric stash to sew along with me. So – in full disclosure – here is my stash and my backlog of started projects.  This quest is a huge mindset change for me.  I’ve always had a stash – but I really want to get to – order on demand.  I thought about going shelf by shelf but I think I’d be more successful working as inspiration hits.  every week my goal is to clear about 2 feet of shelving.  Seems doable right?  Have you ever tackled such a big project?  Yes there are fabric and shirts literally falling out of my previously very organized space.  Totally out of hand.

This closet is structured in such a strange way – two doors with wall in between covering one long closet.  You can’t easily get to the middle items (center pic).  Each piece of fabric is folded around a comic book board.  They are very affordable and a perfect size for shelving.  The yarn and trim boxes i’m not going to worry about – but all of the fabric – has got to go.

So each week I will select several items out of my overflowing closet – post project ideas on fb – maybe some items to purchase – and get sewing.  I have a lot of yards in here – but i’m motivated to start ordering my own fabric designs!  My goal – only have buy fabric I intend to use right away.

Wish me luck!  And if you join in – post pics of your stash and projects as you go!  I’ll cheer you on!




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