Organizing your Pattern Stash

$1.00 – $3.99 pattern sales are very eye catching when walking through the fabric store.  I myself love patterns.  I’ve kind of collected them over the years but at one time I found I was starting to buy patterns I already had.  This meant another trip back to the fabric store to return my repeat pattern and I don’t know about you – I don’t have the time to do that every time. 

I wanted an app I could have on my phone that would be with me when I was out and about and would have the capability to upload files as I already had a pretty good stash that would need to be entered in.  My typing skills on the computer are so much faster than that of my phone I knew this capability would help me out.

After not finding a pattern inventory app in the Apple App store I started to look for database programs.  Now many people may be intimidated by this type of app – they hear database and think – programming or complexity but I was pretty familiar with databases and knew I didn’t need something complicated but simple and easy to maintain.

I finally landed on an app called MyStuff2.  I started with this app when it was just MyStuff.  It’s come a long way since then and works well for me.


I actually keep a version of this database on my computer in access but mostly now just add new from my phone.  You can import or export data from your app or computer making it very versatile.

For Patterns, I created a new category called patterns and then added fields for each type of information I wanted to capture and perhaps search by in the future.  For each field that had a common set of responses I also created selection lists so I would be consistent.  For example type of pattern; dresses, skirts, tops, coordinates, accessories etc.

My Category attributes for each pattern are: Pattern Number, Description, Recipient, Type, Pattern Brand,Comments, Size, Box Number(for when I stored in boxes), Date purchased and image (filename).  These have served me well and allow me to usually find what I’m searching for.

These not only come in handy when shopping but also when talking to a friend about a pattern.  I was talking about something I made the other day with a friend and she asked me which pattern I used and I was able to look it up and tell her.

I’ve also found that the creator of this app is very helpful if you have questions.  There is a forum for those that want to post questions to the users and tutorials and instructions for new users.  You can read more about the capability of this app here.

For the most part now – I just add new patterns with my phone.  You can snap a picture of the cover and back if you desire of your new pattern and then quickly capture any relevant data you are looking to search in the future in a second.  It’s very handy for always making sure I don’t buy duplicates and when I am looking to do a new project I can easily search through my stash.

I’d love to hear how you organize your patterns!





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