Fabric Wreath for Fall

So my neighbor Jennifer is a master wreath maker.  She has a wreath for her kitchen and door for every month of the year.  Last time I was at her house I was so inspired.  I searched Pinterest for tutorials and found a burlap wreath that I really loved the look of.

We are approaching Fall and I was really digging orange.  I bought three yards of burlap, a straw wreath, a whole bunch of plant pins and started cutting my fabric into strips and then finally into squares.


I found a second orange pattern that I decided to integrate into my design.  each square was about 5×5.

I first wrapped the wreathe with both colors to cover the straw wreath and give it a further base to hold the pins.  Next I folded each square  into a triangle then pulled in each corner to make  a smaller square and inserted a gardening pin into the open corner.

I created rows and rows of these little squares to make my wreath look full.  Once I finished placing each square I wrapped orange polka dot ribbing around the wreath and using my bowdabra created a big bow.  I still felt like it needed a little something so I added a drop down which I suspended a square from the center of the wreath.  On one side I put Mickey and Minnie and on the other our last name initial.

I think it turned out great although my husband was confused why I would make a “Tennessee wreath” as we are Texas A&M Fans.  I told him Orange is a fall color and its not burnt orange so he should be happy. lol

My neighbor Jennifer said it looked great!  But she has a much easier method and has vowed to share her brilliance with me.  So look for our wreath version 2.0 Jennifer’s remake coming soon.



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