4th of July looks for Pups

While the fourth of July may not be your pups favorite holiday because of the fireworks, BBQ’s with friends, hot dogs and outdoor fun definitely is something that they enjoy.  This year I was hosting a party right around the fourth and thought I’d make some fun festive clothes for Maggie and Johnny.

Maggie’s dress is really a pattern I’ve made after trying other patterns Simplicity 2695and buying a dress or two for her.  I’ll probably tweak it some more and publish my own version for purchase one of these days but for now – you’ll just have to admire it.  Johnny on the other hand is a modified version of Simplicity 2695.  Johnny is an Italian Greyhound so as you can imagine I definitely have to modify anything I make for him.  His chest is big, his body long and his waist very small.  It is a challenge but one I welcome as he enjoys it.

I found some cute fourth of July fabric on sale at Joann’s and got some additional ribbon to embellish Maggie’s dress.

Both pups had a great time enjoyed their hot dogs and passed out at the end of the night as seen by Maggie curled up in her snuggy.

Happy Independence Day!



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