New Year New Bullet Journal

Being a new bullet journaler in 2016 I did a lot of experimenting.  I loved playing with the layouts, the markers, the trackers and the drawing.  I am definitely hooked.  This year I’ve decided to have two daily bullet journals.  One for all my artistic, creative and day to day life and one for my fitness tracker. Continue reading


Catching up on the Sew Down

What have I been up to all summer?  That’s the thought I have been having all morning as I realize summer is almost over.  I had such high ambitions to get through my stash this summer and while I made progress there is still quite a bit of fabric in there.

As I need to clear my shelves to welcome in my own designs – I’m thinking of looking at what I have and make things that I can sell in an etsy store instead of things for us and family members.  That way – I get a little start up money for my own fabrics AND clear out my stash in probably a more efficient way.

While I’m strategizing about that option – let me share some of the great things I’ve made this summer. Continue reading

My Bullet Journal

Ok you all may remember I got all jazzed about creating my own planner.  I loved the process, the quotes, the layouts. Fast forward 6 months and I’m barely using it.  Was it imperfect in its layouts? No not really – it had everything in it but it was the process of creating it that made it so exciting for me.  I was looking on instagram the other day and saw a fellow costumer start what was called a bullet journal – or bujo for those in the community.  I was intrigued.  It was dynamic, it incorporated creativity and was adaptable as you went.  Add new markers, good paper and all the other creative examples i’ve seen and I was hooked.  If you have never heard of a bullet journal – here is a link to the site of the creator of the method, Ryder, that explains it in a quick video. Continue reading

An experiment in Fabric and Color

Well you all know I loved loved loved the master class at Spoonflower that I posted about here.  After the class many of us stayed in touch on Facebook and were talking about printing a single design on all the different types of fabric so we could see how the color’s differed, have a bigger version to feel the fabric and understand the stretch.  Becka Rahn our teacher helped us coordinate and we all submitted our swatches to her so she could optimize the cost for us by printing out a sampler.  Spoonflower is great in that you can print off a sampler to get swatches of many different fabrics in your collection.  She created a collection with all of our pics and then created a sampler for each of us. Continue reading

Little Cubbie boxes

I bought this great vintage looking key/letter wall storage at Hobby Lobby early into my sewing room makeover thinking it would be perfect for Sewing Machine Parts/Notions etc.  I was using it as is for awhile but didn’t like how it looked and thought it could use a little labeling.  Thinking I need to start using some of my fabric I decided to wing it and make some fabric boxes to go in each square. Continue reading

Sew Down – Will you join me?

I’ve started designing my own fabric and would like to sew more with my own designs than others to show how they can work on garments, accessories and home items.  However, over the last couple of years I’ve been really excited about making new things and have bought a lot of fabric.  A lot of fabric!  As I recently lost my day job – i’m taking advantage of this short break to sew down my stash – maybe make a few saleable items along the way and perfect some of my own patterns.  I have a big job ahead of me and I was thinking it would be fun  and motivating to see others join in and post their creations.  Therefore I’m inviting anyone who has a fabric stash to sew along with me. Continue reading

Organizing your Pattern Stash

$1.00 – $3.99 pattern sales are very eye catching when walking through the fabric store.  I myself love patterns.  I’ve kind of collected them over the years but at one time I found I was starting to buy patterns I already had.  This meant another trip back to the fabric store to return my repeat pattern and I don’t know about you – I don’t have the time to do that every time.  Continue reading